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my music

liftoff / landing is a pair of live sessions recorded with a microtonal gameboy processed with various effects.

my setup

over time i've found a weird hodgepodge of systems that work for experimenting with sounds.

i work almost entirely within ardour. it takes a bit to get acquainted with, but working with it makes setting up new projects much faster.

inside, i use a variety of instruments as LV2 plugins. FluidSynth serves as a base, usually playing a free acoustic piano from FreePats. i've found post-processing a simple piano sound leads to plenty of variety, and i often record processed piano to feed into samplv1, a sampler with full LV2 support. this has a dual purpose of creating a more consistent sound and reducing the load of effects on my weak CPU. i use drumv1 for percussive sounds which i record from a variety of sources.

sometimes i use Pure Data to process and create sounds. i haven't been able to get it to work well with JACK's MIDI system, so I only use it to process sounds without precise timing or to create tracks to sample indirectly.

i'm in the early stages of developing a MIDI livecoding program called ctrlive. it is based on Scheme and uses Rust for interfacing with MIDI itself. i don't expect to be publishing it any time soon, but it's already becoming useful for sequencing sounds and finding new ideas.

i also use Little Sound DJ for both composition and sampling.


the only project here right now is my LSDJ tuner.